Processed Meat Products

Processed meat products produced by PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa is processed using meat processing and canning machine with an environmentally friendly production process. The raw material is quality choice meat, which is obtained from suppliers in the form of frozen boneless beef. The quality used includes Forequarter 65 to 85 CL. Processed meat products are processed sterile and packaged in cans or plastic with a pH> 5.5, and normal organoleptic. The products include corned beef and sausages. Processed meat products include Corned beef Cip, Corned beef Tornado, and Sausage Sopini. In addition, there is also a meat substitute product made from vegetable ingredients, namely Rodeo Meat Analog.

Production Room

Clean / hygienic production rooms and employees to ensure quality products

Quality Research

Research regularly to test and guarantee that the best and quality products reach consumers

Rodeo Meat Analog

This product is a high protein substitute for beef and chicken. This product is made from soy protein so it is healthy and halal. It’s easy to prepare and can be combined with various kinds of seasonings as well as cooking meat dishes. For example rawon, rendang, curry and so on. This product is a type of processed meat product which is the latest innovation from PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa.