Based on company policies, Cip is positioned as the umbrella brand because it has been known for more than 70 years. As a brand that has a long history, the impression is that it is a brand that has experience as well as a brand that has no doubt about its reliability in terms of quality. The products that have been produced under the Cip brand during its 70 year journey have been canned processed meat products. Processed meat products with the Cip brand are able to produce quality products and are well preserved in the eyes of consumers. A well-known and quite legendary canned processed meat product is corned beef with rectangular cans.

Low profile values ​​and simplicity have been formed as a culture in making packaging designs for its products. This can be observed through a simple packaging design that is not filled with unnecessary graphic objects. Even the Cip packaging design can be easily recognized. However, that is what makes Cip’s product packaging design so iconic, not even easily copied by its competitors. 

  • Experience, Reliability and Credibility.

    Representing point number one, experience and a long history since 1948 is a pride that should continue to be echoed from generation to generation. Being able to survive and adapt for 7 decades is an extraordinary achievement. So it is fitting to include the word "Since 1948" as a symbol of the pride of the corporate community for the Cip brand.

  • Cans, Square / Rectangle, Legendary.

    Square/rectangle can and Cip are something that cannot be separated. Forming an image from a long time ago that canned food is always synonymous with Cip. It was the right decision to give the square cans the highest credit by making it an additional graphic object in the Cip logo. Accompanying the Cip brand's journey until its develop and be recognized today. The yellow ribbon between the Cip and the square can is a symbol of the strong attachment between Cip and the squre/rectangle can. The yellow color was chosen to describe the eternal attachment between the two objects.

  • Low profile, Simplicity, Iconic.

    Low profile is indicated by not using a complex and complicated logo, or using a philosophy that is too deep or wordy. It is enough to use a concise and simple design. And from the iconic side, red will still be used as a color of pride with a long historical value. The red color is also used for superior products and high historical value such as Corned Beef.


The tagline “Selera Antar Generasi” is made up of 3 words. Short sentences but able to carry several messages at once. Short but easier to remember. The keyword “Antar Generasi” holds the meaning and purpose that uniting people across generations is the main goal of the Cip brand. However, it takes a word that is more straightforward and closer to the world of culinary or food. So the word “Selera” is more able to carry the message Cip tagline in its entirety. The word “Selera” was chosen because what can unite diverse communities is a taste that can be accepted and liked by the various communities themselves. This makes the tagline “Selera Antar Generasi” to be the right tagline to accompany the Cip logo.

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